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This web space is dedicated to the forthcoming Nice International Jumping Competition 1*, Ladies 1*, Young Horses 1*, Am.A & Ponies - Summer 2019 . It will attend to provide you the most complete information about this event which will take place August 8th to 11th 2019 within the Horse Riding Club of Nice.

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International 1 star level, Ladies, Young Horses, Am.A & Ponies

AFFICHEThe Horse Riding Club of Nice has been approved by the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) to conduct ,this year, two International Jumping Competitions : CSI* Winter 2019 (February 28th - March 3rd) & CSI* Winter 2019 (August 8th - 11th). Those international meetings concretise the ambition for the Equestrian Club of Nice to stand as a new venue for high level competition.

Thursday, August the 8th to Sunday, August the 11th, worldwide riders will challenge themselves during 3 days of intense competition. 27 jumping tests: 9 CSI 1* tests (Small, Medium & Big Tour), 3 CSI Ladies 1* tests, 3 Young Horses 1* tests, 6 CSI Am.A tests (Small & Big Tour), 6 CSI Ponies tests (Small & Big Tour) are programmed for this event with obstacles from 1,05 to 1,40 meters height.

Participating countries: (participation requests received...)



About Jumping

Show jumping is to follow up an obstacle course without fault (course of 10 to 13 jumps). The tests are intended to show in the pony / horse its frankness, its power, his address, its quickness and its respect for the obstacle and for the competitor, the quality of his riding.

Show jumping is the discipline leader in France. It represents over 80% of the competitions, both in terms of competitors, as tests or competing commitments.

Show jumping has the advantage of being an easy to understand. The neophyte sees if the bar falls down or watching the clock easily notice if the rider goes faster. Even if the intricacies of trial are sometimes encountered, the verdict of the bars and chrono is accepted by all. (source FFE)

Scoring: The aim is always to jump the course in the designed sequence with no mistakes – a clear round. If any part of an obstacle is knocked down or if the horse refuses a jump, penalties are accumulated.

The winner of the competition is the horse and rider combination that incurs the least number of penalties, completes the course in the fastest time or gains the highest number of points depending on the type of competition.

For most competitions two types of scoring table are used : Table A and Table C. The most frequently used scoring table is Table A. Each fault is penalised with a certain number of penalties. Each bar knocked down draws a sanction of 4 penalties, as does the first refusal (this is when the horse stops short in front of the jump or goes around it). The second baulking or refusal, as well as any fall, will eliminate the horse and rider.
The classification is established according to the penalties obtained.

Often, several riders succeed in jumping a clear round. In this case, there are two possibilities: if the competition does not include a Jump-off, the competitor with the fastest time wins. If the competition does include a Jump-off, those tied for first place jump a new shorter round against the clock. The winner is the one with the fewest penalties accumulated over the reduced course, and in the event of a tied score, the time will be the deciding factor. (source FEI)


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